Aluminum Rectangular Duct

We recently fabricated aluminum rectangular duct and fittings for a customer doing work at a water treatment facility.   Aluminum duct is commonly specified for commercial and industrial applications with environments subject to frequent moisture and where the materials need to be resilient to corrosion.

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Safety and Productivity Lunch

Our fabrication shop was recently treated a delicious lunch of South Louisiana crawfish for their excellence in safety and productivity during the first quarter of 2019.   Pictured above are our cooks- Chase Leblanc (Fabrication and Facilities Manager), Nick Sweezy (Project Manager) and Darryl Shaffer (Senior Estimator).

Exciting Shop News! Major Coil Line Upgrades!

We have upgraded our Engel coil line by installing a new Engel designed and certified Control Console and related equipment.   This new console was designed, manufactured and installed by Mestek Machinery out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  These upgrades will give our coil line enhanced capabilities and performance which will further our abilities to produce high quality rectangular duct for our projects. 

Out with the Old... 

In with the New.....

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Stainless Steel Pans

We can produce HVAC safety pans of any size.  Here are some stainless steel pans in fabrication for one of our school projects.

Spiral Duct for Grocery Store

Spiral duct cut to length with added custom taps- ready for shipment!    This duct is for a customer completing a HVAC installation at a new grocery store in Baton Rouge.   Call us today should you need spiral, rectangular or other components for commercial HVAC duct.

Spiral Duct- Custom Cut to Length

Spiral Duct cut to length for a customer to minimize installation time in the field.  Duct is wrapped with protective covering to prevent dust etc. contamination prior to installation.  Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your next project!