Johns Manville Spiracoustic Plus

Louisiana CSI, LLC is offering the use of Johns Manville Spiracoustic Plus® as a potential substitute for exposed double walled spiral duct.

The Johns Manville Spiracoustic Plus system can upgrade single wall ductwork to meet or exceed double wall acoustical and/or thermal performance parameters with reduced overall material and labor costs.  

·      Cost Effective- Spiracoustic plus eliminates the need for costly double walled round duct.
·      Resistant to dust and dirt-   the tough polymer Permacote coating helps guard against the incursion of dust or dirt into the substrate, minimizing the potential for biological growth.  Permacote will not support microbial growth.
·      Significantly lighter weight than double walled duct-  easier material handling and installation.

Spiracoustic Plus has been used on the following high profile projects.
  • AT&T (Cowboy) Stadium- Arlington, TX
  • Arthur Ashe Stadium- Flushing, NY
  • American Airlines Arena- Dallas, TX
  • Sprint Center- Kansas City, KS
  • United Center- Chicago, IL
  • Mercedes Benz Stadium (under construction)- Atlanta, GA 
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