Paint Grip Spiral Duct

We have a new customer who wants spiral duct that can be painted and Louisiana CSI is happy to oblige! Exposed duct spiral designs can come in two typical steel types. Hot dipped galvanized steel and "paint grip" steel are the two most commonly used types of material used when manufacturing spiral duct.
"Paint grip" is galvanized steel that is processed through a phosphate bath. This provides a corrosion inhibiting, crystalline zinc phosphate, micro-porous surface that promotes adhesion of top coatings. It has a phosphatized or bonderized coating over the zinc.
 This produces the dull gray color characteristic of "paint grip" steel that provides as an excellent "primer" for painting spiral pipe.
As a custom fabricator of spiral duct and accessories we can meet your specific job requirements. In addition to in-stock pipe and fittings, we also fabricate specialty fittings as well.
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